Its About Fucking Time.

Hey :3 Uhm Im Rvene, Stupid name i know and im 16. Im obsessed with Green day,harry potter, Marvel and music :3 i've seen twin Atlantic, Motionless in white, The defiled, Glamour of the kill, Woe is me, Hands like houses, pierce the veil, Papa roach, Beartooth, Issues and Of mice and men. Im also seeing a day to remember and asking Alexandria in November :3 My friends mean the world to me.

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“Waking up in the morning is easier if you have someone to wake up for.”

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Is the alphabet called the alphabet because the first two letters in the Greek alphabet are alpha and beta?


Are there literally 75,000 people who did not realize this?

Get the fuck off your high horse yes clearly that many people didn’t know that about the fucking Greek alphabet sit down and shut the fuck up

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girl: he cheated on me

me: then break up with him

girl: but-

me: bye

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My thighs are huge cuz they’re full of secrets

Wrap them around my ears and let me hear them all

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“Most of the pain you’re dealing with are really just thoughts… ever think of that?”

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